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Vacless Pool and Spa Safety Products

Are Easy To Install, Compliant and Life Savers

Vacless Safety Vacuum Release Systems not only provide an added layer of protection against suction entrapment, but they also act as a drain winterization device and a surge suppressor extending the life of your pool equipment. This valve is directly attached to the pump by removing the suction side drain plug and installing this SVRS in its place. All of our valves are designed for use on 0.5 to 10.0 horsepower pumps for small and large water recreational installations including hot tubs, spas, fountains, wading and residential or commercial pools. Read More

Becoming Aware of the Hidden Dangers

In a study conducted by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) of drowning and submersion incidents in Arizona, Florida, and California, toddlers between the ages of one and three account for 75 percent of submersion victims. This is the case even though most of the victims were thought to have been supervised, with 69 percent of the victims reportedly not expected to be in or near the pool. The same study showed that 65 percent of injuries ensued from swimming in a pool owned by the victim's family.

The CPSC has Federal jurisdiction to regulate swimming pools as a consumer product. To date, the CPSC has issued pool safety guidelines for owners popularly known as the `Layers of Protection.' The four `layers' recommended by the CPSC include: (1) education for children and parents on the risks that come with pools and spas; (2) installation of multiple drains that would lessen the suction force for each pool or spa drain; (3) installation of anti-entrapment/anti-entanglement drain covers; and (4) the installation of a gravity flow system or a Safety Vacuum Release System. Read More

Five Types of Suction Force Entrapment

Multiple layers of protection in and around swimming pools can prevent serious injury or death to the most common victims which are children under the age of fourteen. The extreme force of a pool or spa suction fitting, when blocked, can exceed hundreds of pounds of pressure creating what has been identified as five types of suction entrapment:

  • Body Entrapment - A section of the torso becomes entrapped.
  • Limb Entrapment - An arm or leg is pulled into an open drain pipe.
  • Hair Entrapment or Entanglement - Hair is pulled in and wrapped around the grate of the drain cover.
  • Mechanical - Jewelry or part of the bather’s clothing gets caught in the drain or the grate.
  • Evisceration - Buttocks comes into contact with the pool suction outlet and bather is disemboweled.
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